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LPO in the Occitanie region

The LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) in Occitanie is made up of a regional association and and two branches of LPO France , whose aim is to act in the interests of birds, wildlife, nature and mankind, and to combat the decline of biodiversity through knowledge, conservation, education and community involvement.
The LPO is today the foremost Association for environmental protection in France, with 50 000 members, 5000 volunteers and 400 employees.
It is the French representative of BirdLife International , a global alliance in 120 countries.
In Occitanie, it has in 2023 : 6007 members , hundreds of active volunteers and 48 employees .
The LPO is a recognised authority in the management and conservation of nature in the region of Occitania.
The preservation of species and habitat is an integral part of the Association’s work, together with raising of awareness and education about the environment, sustainable development and vocational training.
In this new region, many local organisations concerned with ecological issues choose to work with the LPO as a trusted partner.
The LPO in the Occitanie region thus supports local and regional authorities, businesses, individuals ... to increase knowledge of nature and the preservation of biodiversity.
From now on, the association LPO Occitanie and their locals groups will be coordinating their efforts in partnership projects, in order to take greater account of biodiversity at regional level.
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- Conservation of Habitat and Species 
- Expertise
- Environmental Education and Sustainable Development 
-The world of the LPO: volunteer work , LPO SheltersLPO shop ...
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